Grant’s Handi-Hideaway

Grant’s Handi-Hideaway is by unanimous vote the Davidson’s favorite home on the Island! The history of the home that was once completely covered in blackberry bushes, thorns, and brush, is somewhat indistinct. The house served as storage for several years with no clear vision for its future use. The initial concept for a guest cottage evolved as the number of children in the family continued to grow. The couple thought it would be a wonderful cottage for adult children and one day, grandchildren!

There were no concrete plans for the guest house cottage until the Davidson’s fourth child, Grant, was born.  It was not until Grant was diagnosed with cerebral palsy that the family fully understood modifications that needed for individuals in wheelchairs.  After making countless modifications in their own home and staying in less than ideal hotel settings; Nathan set out to design a completely handicapped (thus the name, Handi-) accessible home where Grant could either visit his parents or live fulltime as an adult.

The guest cottage is perhaps so special because each family member contributed to the design and offered insight into must-have needs.  Grant’s parents and three older siblings were determined to create a home without barriers, and that they did!

The home is a single one level, ramped, open concept home with a well-stocked custom kitchen.  A chair height center island accommodates guests in wheelchairs and ambulatory guests at a comfortable height. The 36” interior pocket doors slide easily.

The living room flows directly from the kitchen and features a comfortable pull-out sofa.  A glider rocker chair and accent chair create a cozy seating area.  A 42 inch wall mounted flat screen television provides an opportunity to watch television, use the Wi-Fi, or enjoy a glass of wine.

The home has two guest rooms.  The front bedroom features two twin beds and is flooded with natural light. The second bedroom, Grant’s room, has a queen bed and a Victorian Renaissance Revival style antique dresser that was popular in the mid 1800’s. The room has a built-in desk for wheelchairs with strategically placed outlets. Both rooms have accessible closets that make access easy and barrier free.

Grant’s Handi-Hideaway features a state of the art handicapped bath with a roll in shower, handicap height toilet, and wheel under sink.  Unlike traditional hotels, the bath features the needed 36 inch turn space for a wheelchair.